Our Story

Many Moons ago I started designing shirts and was really inspired by my connection to my Indigenous roots and started designing stuff that describes what I learned. I was raised by my Tohono O'odham Mother & I am also half Oglala Lakota, My Dad was from Pine Ridge. I grew up in a strict Catholic way because my mother was a product of boarding schools. My Mother was an excellent athlete and excelled in school and was very beautiful so she was favored by the Church and her Grandmother also was a big part of her becoming Catholic. My Father was not into Lakota Spirituality and wasn't really into Religion growing up, he was also a great athlete and in fact that's how he met my mom was thru sports. I grew up hating church and not understanding any of it it was not for me so I became lost in my spirituality thru most of my life but I was always proud of my Lakota and O'odham blood. I always felt a calling to sweat lodge and really wanted to sweat and then I finally found a sweat lodge and then another and another.