About Us

True Descendants Trading Company is a collaboration of Indigenous artists trading there art, ideas and stories to not only build a brand that helps give back to our people who need it most but also to honor a lifestyle and culture. We feel that it is important to gain the knowledge of our cultures and of our past, for this helps us gain focus of who we are and how strong our people are and how we can come together and make things better for our future generations. TDTC was created to bring a calling to our old ways of prayer and ceremony in a modern world that can easily get us off balance.  Knowledge of who we are and where we came from, thru our culture and traditions can give a person enormous inner strength. Some of us were raised in our colonizers ways and didn't feel the connection to that way of thinking. Now with the internet we are lucky enough to communicate with others in our communities to pray and practice our way of life. I myself was raised in a strict Catholic house and my mother to this day is a devoted Catholic. My mother is Tohono O'odham and my father was Oglala Lakota.